Our Friends


  • Terroir Al Limit – D.O.Q. Priorat
  • Gratavinum – D.O.Q. Priorat
  • Portal del Priorat – D.O.Q. Priorat
  • Vinya Del Vuit – D.O.Q. Priorat
  • Venus La Universal – D.O. Montsant
  • Pares Balta – D.O. Penedes
  • Els Vinyerons Vins Naturals – D.O.Penedes


  • Demena – I.G.P. Cotes de Catalanes
  • Les Clos Perdus – A.O.C. Corbieres
  • Les Enfants Sauvages – I.G.P. Cotes de Catalanes
  • Domaine Arletaz – I.G.P. Cotes de Catalanes


  • Fonterenza – Montalcino
  • Ca del Vent – Franciacorta
  • Stefano Amerighi – Cortona (Tuscany)
  • Arianna Occhipinti – Sicily
  • Stella di Campalto-Montalcino
  • Santa Maria La Nave – Etna, Sicily
  • Quantico – Etna, Sicily
  • Vino di Anna – Etna, Sicily
  • Tenuta Terraviva – Abruzo
  • Calalta – Veneto


  • Meinklang – Burgenland
  • Judith Beck – Burgenland

“For us one of the noblest gestures of mankind is to cultivate the land with respect: working together with nature and let her pay us back.”

All the wineries that we represent on an exclusivity basis in Greece, share the following common values/principles:

  1. Practice either strict organic or biodynamic viticulture
  2. Do not use any chemicals in their vineyards
  3. Do not buy grapes from other wineries; use only the grapes that they cultivate with their own bare hands
  4. Respect nature & view their vineyards as part of an ecosystem that needs to be in balance in order to provide grapes of high quality
  5. Cultivate quite old vines that result to minimum yields and as a consequence grapes of maximum concentration
  6. During the alcoholic fermentation they depend only on indigenous yeasts; in no way they use commercial yeasts
  7. No use of modern vinification techniques, such as centrifugation….etc
  8. Minimal use of filtration; let nature and time do their “magic”
  9. Minimal use of sulphur(SO2); only before the bottling process
  10. Rarely use new barrels; expect maximum expression of fruit flavours